Painting the First Line

The Curse of Betting

I have a confession to make: I bet on sports, a lot.

It all started a few years back. Any sport event was an opportunity to bet: soccer, volley-ball, basket-ball, baseball (damn, I don’t even know the rules!) and eventually tennis. Ultimately, I ended up spending my money almost exclusively on tennis.

I was doing well at first, piling up winning streaks. Single bets, combined bets, incredible odds… everything seemed easy. Emotions were at play, turning each bet into a rollercoaster riding from fear to excitement and from anxiety to euphoria. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience as it made me feel good about myself - duh, I was a sport wizard - though time was about to prove me wrong.

At one point I started to lose most of my wagers. Once my losses had reached the three-figure milestone, I decided to slow down on betting.

Little by little, I began to pay more attention to the actual sport events behind the bets. Being a long time badminton player, I became naturally drawn to tennis.

Getting Into Tennis

To be honest, I first got into tennis because there was only two possible outcomes and two players (in single matches anyway). That simplicity was comforting: a player could only win or lose, no possible draw. Besides there wasn’t any team consideration

The web app I was using to place bets also had a “live” option that allowed me to watch almost any match of the ATP & WTA tours. I quickly became fascinated by the unpredictability of tennis matches outcomes - it makes sense, as you can’t bet on anything that is truly predictable.

Shortly after, I started looking around for insights and resources, anything that would help me figure out the game. This is where I am sharing my journey into the inner workings of tennis, this place on the Internet is where I am painting the lines.